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Fortney Law LLC is a full-service law firm dedicated to serving clients dealing with construction related issues on commercial and residential projects in Ohio and beyond.

Fortney Law LLC represents subcontractors and suppliers in all phases of the construction process, from bidding and contract negotiation, to change orders and contract interpretation during the project, to filing mechanic’s liens or initiating litigation after the completion of a project. If your company is owed money from the general contractor for a project you worked on, you should schedule a consultation as soon as possible to discuss potential paths to getting paid.

Fortney Law LLC also assists construction clients with general business representation, including employment disputes and other matters.

Fortney Law LLC also assists homeowners with disputes against home builders. If you are experiencing an issue with a custom home, please call to schedule a consultation to talk about your rights related to your home.

Latest Posts

Get It In Writing: Why Written Change Orders Are Important

A recent Ohio case demonstrates the need for contractors, owners, and everyone else working on a construction project to make sure they get their change orders in writing. In the case in question, the plumbing contractor ABV entered into a contract with a homeowner to convert the home from using a septic system to running on the county sewer lines. On the very first day […]

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Eleventh District Court of Appeals Declares Remodeling is Not Construction under Home Construction Service Suppliers Act

On December 12, 2022, Ohio’s Eleventh District Court of Appeals ruled that the Home Construction Service Suppliers Act (“HCSSA”), an act that distinguishes home construction from other sales that fall under Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act (“CSPA”). In general, the HCSSA and CSPA are similar, but the big difference lies in the penalty damages available to consumers under the CSPA. Under the CSPA, consumers who […]

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